Chapel Galleries™ 

Meet the Neighbors.

Share the Gospel.

Grow the Church.

Chapel Galleries™ provide a way to reach our communities using the fine arts

In the Marketplace

A Chapel Gallery™ is a ministry-in-the-marketplace, retail art gallery, selling original art and a distinct line of reproductions, puzzles, and other gifts designed exclusively from our paintings. Portions of proceeds helps support humanitarian relief efforts, community causes, or other mission projects.

A Chapel section is deeper in the interior, with walls designed by artists so the Chapel becomes its own exhibit,  changing seasonally such as at Christmas or Easter. Such a gallery can be used for church planting or as an outreach venue for larger churches.

Within your Local Church

A Chapel Gallery™ may also be a ministry housed within already established, larger churches who desire an outreach ministry within their existing interiors. It's a way to reach the community with  regular, social, art events, while beautifying interior walls at the same time. Many communities have art walks, allowing the church gallery  to become a venue to meet people in the community on a regular basis, and build new friendships.

A Chapel Gallery™ is a ministry of hope and hospitality to the culture; a ministry for today and for the future.

As a Church Plant

A Chapel Gallery™ is an art space, as well as a gathering space, making a perfect spot to plant a new church.

Once upon a time people  looked for churches to go to. It was just a part of the culture and what people did with their Sunday mornings. But now people in our post-Christian culture don't often think about going to church even though they are still longing for meaningful relationships with people, and drawn to a relationship with Christ. Jesus said,  "The fields are white unto harvest". In other words, people are really ready. So how do we avoid being the best-kept secret in town while we reach our communities? 

Chapel Galleries™ are a perfect venue for church planting because we meet people where they already are, out in the marketplace, walking to work, spending time out-and-about on a weekend. We start with a beautiful interior of artwork that doesn't take up floor space, and create a natural place to gather.

You don't need to be an art historian to get started. We provide a resource of the work of Christian fine artists who have a heart for reaching our world for Christ. We've seen that this important sphere of culture is a bridge to reach people for Christ. 

Start a Chapel Gallery™

Wherever your location, if you have a desire to reach your community with a marketplace ministry, or even an art gallery within your existing church, we are here to assist you. We bring many years of experience in teaching and exhibiting in the United States and also internationally; in affluent communities and in the inner city. Let us know how we can help you in your own location. Reach us at one of the options on our contact page. We look forward to being a part of what God has called you to do to reach your world.

Chapel Galleries are Good News for the Community

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