Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Arts for Relief and Missions™ uses the arts and music for ministry in the U.S. and abroad, and equips believers as ambassadors by building Christian character in the light of God's truth.

Arts for Relief and Missions™uses the fine arts, music, and biblical teaching for the work of God's kingdom. We are Christians who work in our fields of expertise; some as professional artists and photographers, some as missionaries, some as pastors or music ministers.

Our History

In the autumn of 1988, our founder Rosemarie Adcock, a professional artist, documented the lives of Russian refugees in the form of oil paintings with accompanying texts that told their stories. The series of 26 paintings grew to include 120 paintings and texts that covered the overthrow of communism in the former Soviet Union, and toured the United States and Europe for 7 years.

As a result of that tour of fine art, Arts for Relief and Missions (ARM) was founded when we received over $1.25 million wholesale of Gift-In-Kind donations of vegetable seeds and vitamins which were distributed to orphanages and impoverished churches and families throughout all 11 time zones of the former Soviet Union. Arts for Relief and Missions was incorporated by February of 1993 as a 501c3 charitable organization.

To see more of who we are, watch the 7-minute video "I Would Die For You" on our Resource page.

Our bridge to the world may be in the form of a concert, an art exhibit or a humanitarian relief project. To us, the arts are parables. We are passionate about seeing lives transformed for Christ by building His Church through heartfelt worship and expository teaching of the Scriptures. We think Jesus was serious when He said God seeks those who worship in spirit and in truth. In a world going through rapid changes, we reach people with the message of our God who never changes.

Our Commitments

We are committed to expository teaching of the Bible for the renewing of our minds that we may be transformed into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We are committed to encouraging the work and ministry of the arts and music in and through the ministry of the local church, and for the glory of God.

We are committed to encouraging deepening relationships and understanding between ministers of art and music and the churches and leaders that send them. Our commitments form the core basis of our continued development of biblical curriculum for discipleship and training of artists and musicians.

We are committed to encouraging the Church's confidence in the use of the arts and artists for her mission.

We are committed to encouraging church leaders and pastors in discipling their artists and musicians, with the goal of attaining the Apostle Paul's qualifications for elders and deacons found in the verses of 1 Timothy 3:1-13, and Titus 1:5-9

We are committed to seeing artists and musicians function as no less than missionaries of, and ambassadors of, our Lord Jesus Christ as we follow the call of the Great Commission. 

"Cultural Transformation through Music and the Arts"