Coaching a Team

How do you use the arts to enhance your ministry and draw people to Christ at the same time? After more than 25 years of using the fine arts and music for evangelism, humanitarian relief, and discipleship, we can assist you in building an arts ministry group, whether in an affluent community or in the inner city. We will work with you to host fine arts events designed with you and for you. We will coach your young leaders. Our discipleship focuses on people gifted in the fine arts and music to help develop them to become more a reflection of Christ.

ARM is able to plan an exhibit either on site or away from your location. We can work with a team or a point person out of your own church. We use the art of artists who are part of local churches that believe the Bible is God's Word. We do the work for you in seeking out Christian artists who work in a variety of styles with solid artistic skill. So you don't have to get a degree in art like we did.

How we Work

ARM will help develop an arts ministry group within your congregation for outreach in the community, beautification of facilities and the enhancement of worship. As a first-time coached event, a congregation may choose to do a fine art exhibition used to reach the community, or an outreach program for a special season or day such as Christmas or Good Friday. We can help construct a mural which can also involve unchurched people in the community. We can help with an arts camp for children. We will help plan, organize, and make artistic recommendations for things as simple as postcards. For an art exhibit, we can help set up paintings and participate in your opening reception. From beginning to end, we show by example how your church can begin to use the arts as an integral part of its ministry, mentoring your team until the ministry becomes their own.

How to Begin

You may have already begun, or you may be asking "How ?" You may have noticed that young people have a passion for art and all things visual.  A group in your church may like to see art used to reach your community. This could be the beginning of the fine arts team, and the beginning of an arts community or fellowship within the church.You may already be thinking of one or two point persons to help lead the newly forming team, but we can help identify and develop those leaders over time. Along with the church leadership, we can develop a plan appropriate for your church to bring the arts ministry into being or grow what is already in place.


We start with the Word...We end with Missionaries

Our greatest passion is helping form the foundation of any ministry, that is, the heart and discipleship of its people. That's why our key focus is the discipleship of gifted people to the degree that they understand what it takes to be a reflection of the qualifications of deacons and elders as it is revealed in the Pastoral Epistles. We believe every artist should be a missionary; that all of our communication, whether verbal, visual, or musical is a bridge to a world lost without Christ. Our Advanced Discipleship Seminars are geared to growing the heart of a missionary in the heart of the artist.

ARM's partnership with your congregation is designed knowing that most churches are not able to hire an arts minister on staff. Our partnership was created to be as close to having a person on staff without the expenses associated with an employee. Our fees are adjusted on a sliding scale according to church size, so you don't need to be a megachurch to get started. For your personalized proposal and price quote, please contact us at our Connect page. We'd be happy to assist.